There are so many ironies in this world.
Like so many.

I saw this Municipal Corporation bus carrying litter from one place to another today.
It was something like this —

While it was on the road,the garbage inside it kept getting dropped.And thus it helped in littering the roads.Something that it is supposed to undo.
What a waste.

There are so many ironies in the world.

Like America says it is “Bombing for Peace”.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words.

A SUV with a bumper sticker that says keep earth green.


Like this one below-


Those who don’t care “Just add beer” just like Nalin Gupta says,when asked about irony.



I wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy. ‘sick’y.
Grab glasses on, I’m out of the door – I’m gonna hit this city.(To see the doctor)
Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack and again hit the sack.
Cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back doctor I almost get a heart attack.

^^Song by Ke$ha:Tik-Tok lyrics.

I woke up today for school.
Instead of hitting the pot, I hit the sack again.
I was ill.Really ill.I could barely talk.

Later in the day I went to the doctor.He told me that it was due to seasonal changes.
“Yeah?Thanks.I didn’t know it.”

I hate doctors-
a)Because there is a long long que.You have to sit for hours before you can actually meet him.God,they can make one miss their favorite show on television.
b)Because they ask you a million question before they sign a prescription.
c)Because when they finally give a prescription,you reach the peak of your frustration.Ten tablets for “Seasonal flu”?

Hate them.
Hate them.
Hate them.
But love them cause they let my close ones be close.

Can’t write a longer post.
Cause there is a lot of ‘condensed’ stuff in my body.If you know what I mean.

TWJS (The ill version)

Ps.Another seasonal thing that I hate is IPL.Everyone is so busy with it.
And I am so bored.
Why couldn’t it end with one match,the one I saw?


Alarms never work with me.Never.
My mom helps with me that.

“Wake up Pooja!!” is NOT what she says when she intends to wake me up.
She has another trillion methods to do so.
Very clever ones I must say cause the purpose is always fulfilled.
But I don’t know how she wakes up on her own,without an alarm too, just to wake me up on time.
Maternal instincts I think.

There was once a time, when my mom used to put in so much time ‘trying’ to make me sleep and then there is now when she puts so much time in trying to wake me up.

Her’s what she does:
-Splashes droplets of water on my face.Trust me, those droplets of water are more irritating than a whole bucket of water splashed on you.
-Digs* my fore-arm.
-Switches the fan off.
-Pulls the blanket away.
-Puts my dog on my bed and closes the door.My dog does the rest.
-Tells me that there’s a phone call for me.
And what not.

I wonder if she reads a book called “101 ways to wake up your sleepy kid”.

Tell me how your mom wakes you up.I would love to know.

Till then,XoxO

*In a manner in which one would dig sand.Just 5 times faster.


Today was a ‘beyond awesome’ day.
Sometimes you just find little things perfect.Perfect enough to survive a long day.
I did see a peculiar thing today.I saw a puchka waala wearing an apron.
I also wrote “You are very cute.Keep that great smile on!” to a waiter in Cafe Coffee Day because his smile kinda made me smile.Couldn’t help!
That reminds me-

I was just wondering about my wild fantasies today.
I had a list of wild things* that I wanted to do before I die.
I want to do something embarrassing in front of a large crowd and yet not get embarrassed.
Eating popcorn out of another person’s bucket in a movie hall seems pretty berserk to me.But not wild.
Climbing Mt.Everest in record time seems like wasting time to me.But not wild.
Kissing a frog is disgusting**.Not wild.
Talking to a bottle of Nutella*** is insanity.Not wild.

But where is the wild in the world then?
When people going to the ‘Roadies’ auditions are asked-“What are the wild things you’ve done in life?”,people answer “Bungy jumping”.Reply comes in a milli-second “Since when is Bungy-jumping wild?”.
So,what is wild?And where is it?

God knows.
Because I guess what is wild for one person may not be wild for another.
So,if you go to a ‘Roadies’ audition in later years and the same question is asked to you–do the given below**** :
-Tell them you haven’t done anything wild till now.
-Before they say anything like “So, you think Roadies is the place where you want to do wild things Moron?” just show them your ass.I mean strip down your pants and show them your ass (Wild is only when it is done at a greater magnitude).
-Then just walk out.
I bet they will call you again!

Tell me what wild stuff have you done in your life.Maybe your wild is mine too! 😉


*Note:Wild for me could not be wild for you.
**Note:Not disgusting if it turns into a prince.
***Note:People actually do that.Trust me!

**** Most important note:WILD IS NOT IN AFRICA.


Today I just asked myself a question.

“Why do we hate somethings more than what we love them?”
“Why do we hate some people more than we love them?”

You might answer that you hate them because of the wrong in them or the wrong they did to you.

But how can there be love when there is hate?
How can you love and hate a thing at the same time?
How can love and hate exist in the same vicinity?In the same neighbourhood?

I did not get an answer back.

But I have been thinking.

I am going to think about it while I am clearing the clutter in my room too.Which means I am going to be thinking about it for half a day.

But I am sure,when I write my next post I might just get an answer.
You could help me.

XoXo till then.


Update from last post:
>Vocal chords still secured.
>Match was amazing.
>Nice to see victory just a few meters away from where I stood.

Okay.So today,I went to catch up with a few people.And to do that I had to travel like 13 whole kilometers.
I was in a cab and I had no head phones to listen to music.Nor did I have a good company.Actually I had no company.Obviously not considering the Cabbie!But I did do a lot when I was on road.

This is what happened when the Cabbie pulled the breaks and pushed the clutch after 78 babies were born in the world(They say 39 babies are born every 2 minutes):
I realized that traffic jams are not all that bad.I realized how,in a way it is so important to be stuck between other stuck people.Traffic jams are not just about stagnant vehicles.There is so much more to it.

From my experience I would tell you how-
-I got time to think.I am always in a rush.Late to get up,late to have breakfast.late to move out and rushing with every minute I am late.So this traffic jam made me think about how traffic jams can make you think.And,that is how I thought about this post!
-I got to see all kinds of people in all kinds of vehicles.This showed how a traffic jam bought people of so many different classes and kinds come together.A man on the cycle had to be in the traffic jam for the same time that a man in the Mercedes had to be for.
-I got to see so many expressions.A tensed man sitting in another cab probably worried about his promotion ;a little kid trying to jump into the trunk of the car,which I found out was a push from another older kid in the front and a man’s relief on catching the bus!

So thanks to the traffic jam.Did teach me that we are so far from the so close.Did teach me that we live on the same land.Did teach me that we are all humans.



I am going to Eden today.And,God I am so damn excited.
Reasons being:
1)Its my very first time of going to a sports stadium.
2)I was always keen on doing ‘The Mexican Wave’.
3)And I am not staying at home.


I just hope there is no Wolverine where I would stand with a disgusted face,like many others- only to know that the team I was supporting has lost.
I just wish I could go in my pajamas.It’s so fucking hot.

I am not too much into sports.But,I am not a sport alien too.I do understand why the umpire putS his hands out on the level of his shoulders(Wide).Or,why he seems to be dribbling in air on the level of his chest (Four).

I so wanna go hooliganary.
I just hope my vocal chords stay alive when I return home.
But update on that later!

Cya till then.



So,yes.My blog’s alive again.
Recently there was a friend of mine who read my dead blog (which is now alive) for the first time.
Through his status on Facebook he told me how much he liked it.
And I realized that I should write again.
Besides there are so many things happening with me.

So now that my blog is breathing again,I should tell the readers about what’s been happening in my life.
Pretty considerable things.

I am now an owner of an amazing piece made by man.A Nikon D5000.
It’s the most awesome thing I’ve owned in this life of mine.

I just realized I am blog-babbling.I am so out of touch man.

Ok.coming back-
So I am in love with my camera.
The moment I am out of my house I start looking at things in a way my camera would look at them.
I have started paying attention to details.
My Nikon accompanies me wherever I go.Almost.I spare my loo.

Also to disclose I have been in love with other ‘things’ too.Rather another ‘thing’ too.
This entity is giving my life so much life..
He is the parasite who destroyed me,only to rebuilt everything all over again in the right manner.Which is something that I didn’t do-build everything in the right manner.
He rocks the socks off my feet.And then drags me into awesomeness.
Everything seems so clear to me with him around me.

Oh.Not everything.I screwed up my results.There are somethings even God can’t control.Leave alone human beings.

I guess I have had some piece of inspiration to write my blog again.And I am going to write for a long time.
Till then-


God I loved signing off as TWJS.


So here’s my Horoscope provided by Facebook-
Today you may spend some time working on things concerning the home, Cancer. There may be insurance matters, balancing books, or other things that need to be done in private, but strangely enough, these tasks won’t be bringing a bunch of resistance or a peck of anger with them today. It may even seem like you are doing exactly what you are supposed to, and you probably will feel good about it (especially if you have Moon in Cancer). This is one of those days that just “feels right” even if there are adjustments that need to be made for financial annoyances.

Now an analyzation :

-Today you may spend some time working on things concerning the home, Cancer :Yes,true.I spent so much time exercising in the kitchen-stretching to reach the higher kitchen cupboards,lowering for the drawers in search for some form of edible tuck.And then suddenly after that vigorous exercise I landed up in a Kitchenheimer’s – a state where I was in the kitchen going around in circles because I couldn’t remember what I was doing there.

– There may be insurance matters, balancing books, or other things that need to be done in private, but strangely enough, these tasks won’t be bringing a bunch of resistance or a peck of anger with them today :Wrong. We are doing Bills of Exchange in Accounts class,so there is no question about balancing books or any kind of insurance entries. And these tasks DO bring a peck of anger with them.No matter what!

*It begins as a feeling of slight frustration when I enter the class.
*Then I put on a hostile facial expression when I am asked to open my Accounts copy.
*The third stage i.e when I am asked to do a sum,is a more intense stage.I clench my fists and yell (within myself or a suspension is sure to follow).Adrenaline often begins pumping.
*I lose control in the last stage when I am asked to submit my notebook for correction.What can be corrected in blank sheets of papers? In this stage, my conscious mind does not exist and cannot stop me from making choices like fighting with my teacher to take my copy after a day or two.

-It may even seem like you are doing exactly what you are supposed to, and you probably will feel good about it (especially if you have Moon in Cancer) :Yeah. I AM doing exctly what I am supposed to do-Blog. And I am feeling pretty good that I am exceeding my intended word limit. But I have no clue about the moon in Cancer part. :\

-This is one of those days that just “feels right” even if there are adjustments that need to be made for financial annoyances :Look no more incidents,closely related to finance happened today. But I do feel right.

Why is the horoscope so much about finances? And accounting? I know i am a commerce student but they are taking that fact too seriously.



Pooja: I need to tell you something.And you are the first person dog creature to be knowing about this.

Ozzy: Don’t you know about my large appetite?Oh,you should stay at home to have known about it.Gimme more lady!

Pooja: You could be deferential with that ‘Dirty Doggy tone’.Okay- So he is so amazingly dishy.He oozes charisma and he has a better muzzle than you.Oh I am so knocked dead with the whole thing.

Ozzy:No one can have a better muzzle than me you,Syno.And this is no Mills and Boon romance-the ones where your pretend to have been typically swept off your feet.The type of guy who would bring you flowers,remembers all your ‘so many’ special days and make your friends jealous! Get a life.

Pooja:Insecure little dogs always try to dominate the conversation.Hmph.Do they replace dogs for shoes,anywhere?

Ozzy:Are you putting your best in trying to get me dusted? I don’t think so.

Pooja:Why don’t you just try and wear blinkers and get that tail of your’s wagging while your butt takes rest from the pressure of sitting.Get going you couchlock!

Ozzy: Hmph.